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We are one of the largest German-speaking PC clans specializing on the Call of Duty series.
Over time, more games like CS: GO and PUBG or Fortnite have been added. Meanwhile, nationalities from Europe are also represented in our clan.


We have several teams in our main game CoD and Counter Strike.
We see ourselves as a more familial gaming community,

which has been growing steadily for over 3 years.

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Here you can see a lot of videos about the new Call of Duty and CS:GO.

Commentarys, tips and tricks, eSports and much more!

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underground Elite

underground Elite

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CoD Bo4

The new Call of Duty! Black Ops 4: one of the best Call of Duty titles?

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99League division 3!

The first of our CS: GO teams made it to Division 3 of the 99League!

Now we have to keep it up!

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