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Leaders and managers

Echelon        Name            Competence

Founder:                  Razer                          ------------
Leader:                       Dr. Black                 
main lead, management

CoLeader:                HySTeRi                  eSport , Website,  CS:GO, management

CoLeader:                Durance                eSport, Community, management
CoLeader:                Crypticc                   Call of Duty

CoLeader:                Delta                           Call of Duty     

CoLeader:                Mr.President     PUBG, Fortnite

This is us



This is us:The uE clan has a long history. It all started with a different name. At that time we were still under the clan tag TVS. At first we were only a handfull of people, who have regularly played together. We became more and more, we were streaming together, we played and did mischief. After a year we thought it's time for a new name. Only players with good aiming assert themselves in the world of Call of Duty and acquire renown. So uE or underground elite was born. Coming from the ground, like an unmarked sheet, with the striving for ever better stats and streaks, and sometimes trashtalking a bit. This group of players grew and wanted more than just play, they wanted to change the community. So we took the step and went to the competitive scene. Today, we are no longer limited to the German-speaking world and are also trying to represent ourselves in the social media. The head of the clan now consists of a small group of longtime members who take over the organization. But ultimately, we remain a family that holds together, whose core is unshakable and most importantly, has lots of fun together!



  • Quokka

  • Durance

  • MeX

  • helen

  • Pandora™

  • Sheyril

  • Elkmarsson

  • trustP

  • timothy_0308

  • Delta

  • Tropics

  • Corbix

  • Razer

  • FairCracked

  • MaksM

  • Ussion

  • reeily

  • BuZZarD

  • Tutty

  • Plokohn

  • Highjacker Style

  • HySTeRi

  • Dr.Black

  • Bandit

  • Wake

  • technics

  • Ephixer

  • RemiiX

  • YouTube - Grau Kreis
  • YouTube - Weiß, Kreis,


Folgt uns auf Twitter und bleibt so immer auf dem neusten Stand!

Evemts, eSport und neues aus der Community!


Ihr wollt uns beim daddeln zusehen? Kein Problem! 

Wir übertragen außerdem Community Events Turniere und Ligaspiele unserer Teams.


Hier findet ihr Commentarys zu aktuellen Themen, eSport, montages und alles zu den neuen Call of Duty Teilen!


Unser TeamSpeak Server ist für jeden frei nutzbar! Ladet eure Freunde und Kollegen ein!

IP: ue-clan.teamspeak.de


Every community also needs rules

Active gaming and joining the TS server!
Unnecessary offense, provoke internal and in-game is not allowed.
Anyone who comes into Rage mode has to please hold back or mute on TS.

In addition, we want to keep the topic of politics as far as possible from our clan. However, we can not and will not tolerate members representing themselves (and the clan) with swastikas as emblem or xenophobic slogans ingame! In the event of a violation, it can lead to a direct exclusion!